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Sutton Over 60’s Tea Club

Hi Guys!

today was our very first Sutton Deaf Over 60’s Tea Club.

what a success!

We had 8 members come today. Some people knew each other, some people made new friends.

I made 7 new friends and remade an old one with my BSL tutor from 20 years ago. ( to bad my signing hasn’t improved)

Everyone had a lovely time. The tea/ coffee was good but the cake was out of this world!

Thank you to the two guys who own the Bourbon Coffe Shop who generously let us have the cafe exclusively for our club.

many thanks to Paula Cox and Rosemary Stuart who came to help and showed my how bad my signing is.

Thank you to everyone.

see you all on June 6th. same time same place.xx

Tea Club at Bourdon Coffee Shop

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