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As the government are cutting funding to services and education our deaf children are being pushed further and further to the back of the queue.
 Due to this lack of funding, schools who have Deaf children without an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)  are finding it increasingly difficult to find the £1600 they need to buy technology (e.g. radio aids) which allow deaf children to access  to the teachers voice. Without this technology, these children are at an immediate disadvantage, as they cannot access the same level of language as their hearing peers. 

Deaf children struggle to:
- Hear in background noise
- Hear when they can not see the speaker's face (in order to lip read) 
- Struggle to hear in group work 
- Struggle to participate in whole classroom discussions
- Make and sustain friendships 
- Develop social skills

The Dreaming Tree Project hopes to raise enough money to the technology, which is vital for a hearing impaired child. This technology is crucial, as it will help the child to access the language of the classroom, develop skills they need to succeed and  and have an equal chance to learn. 

Imagine:  If your child/brother/sister/friend was born or acquired a hearing loss. They struggled to hear in class, something that every other child is able to do. They struggle to join in with class discussions. Other people struggle to understand them because their speech may be unclear. 

Imagine:  What it's like not to be able to your hear friends. Being excluded from games because you cannot hear the rules. Being too embarrassed to keep saying "Sorry" or "Can you repeat that please"? Being too embarrassed to tell your friends that you're deaf because you don't know what their reaction might be?

Imagine: Being isolated because you struggle to communicate with the other children your age. Being isolated because you don't have friends who can sign like you? Being isolated until school starts again?

These children need this technology, in order to have the best chance to succeed in life. They are being told "No" and that the schools and council cannot afford this. 

Imagine  if that was your child.
Imagine  if that was you.

Give people to talk to in there  first language (BSL) and people who can give support by being a friendly face and an opportunity to socialise. 

Imagine if you experienced that kind of isolation. 
Imagine if that was your parent or partner. 
Imagine what the impact of hearing impairment would be on your life. 

Help us us continue running support groups and session for the Sutton Deaf Community :
Deaf Toddler Group
BSL taster classes
DeafAsian Families Networking Group
Family Fun Days
Summer Days Out for our deaf children with additional needs

Where do you come in? 
Help us make a difference in these people's lives.
Get you friends and colleagues together.

DONATE: £1, £5, £10 (anything you can) 

Help us support our Deaf Community, so that we are helping the deaf people of today and ensure the security of good services and  support for the Deaf People tomorrow.

Let's  change Deaf lives together.

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Since our inception, we’ve worked around the clock to expand our causes and help those who need our help. Every contribution goes toward making our world a better place, so if you’re looking to contribute a donation or your time, please get in touch today. Making a positive difference has never been so easy.


The Dreaming Tree Project can only run with the kind donations of the public to deliver all the services much needed by our deaf community.
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Our charity is run on the kindness of volunteers.
We are always looking for people who want to get involved.
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If you have any ideas for fundraising or would like to raise money for our cause please please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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