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The Dreaming Tree Sutton CIC

Together we can change deaf lives for children and adults in  Sutton by making small changes to our understanding of what deaf is.
*  Deaf doesn't always mean your hear nothing at all
* Hearing aids cochlear implants BAHA's do NOT FIX HEARING!
* Deaf people are not stupid! Given the right support in the right educational setting, deaf people can achieve the same as there hearing peers
* Deaf people can enjoy music
* Not all deaf people lipread
* Deaf people can drive
How can you make a difference?
* Always face a deaf person when you are talking so they can see your face clearly
* Don't talk to slow or to quickly. Speak normally. Don't shout! don't mumble.
*Be patient and repeat where necessary
* Don't assume your deaf friend has heard all what has been said. ….Check
* Find a BSL (British sign language course) learn to sign.


Welcome To The Dreaming Tree Sutton CIC

The Dreaming Tree Project was established in August 2017
Our aim is to deliver support services and Sutton's Deaf Community and raise deaf awareness through education and training.

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Our Mission

Its,  Our mission to ensure all deaf children in Sutton have access to radio aid technology. A radio aid allows the deaf child to hear their teacher's more clearly through background noise and have equal access to the curriculum and learning as their hearing peers.

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BSL Signs For Children

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Charitable Giving

Since our launch in 2017, The Dreaming Tree Project has been working hard to promote our causes. 

We deliver an over 60's tea club 

Imagine being elderly and Deaf. Unable to leave the house regularly because of mobility problems. Unable to socialise regularly because the people at other day centres don't use British Sign Language? Imagine how lonely, isolated, and deserted these people feel.

Please help us by supporting our Deaf elderly by donating so that we can continue our  
Over 60's Deaf Tea Club 
where these members of our community  

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